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When Microsoft launched its Windows 8 operating system, it made lots of changes to make it an acceptable operating system (OS) for tablet devices. Most independent reviewers would agree that the company succeeded, and that view is shared by many hardware manufacturers, with top tablet companies offering windows tablets.

One of the biggest issues to be addressed by Microsoft was reducing the load on system resources. In older versions of Windows, designed specifically at the start to run on desktops, the OS constantly took huge chunks of processing time to run background services and tasks. While these services and tasks were essential to keep things ticking over, an alternative solution had to be found for Windows tablets and other Windows-based mobile devices.

Battery life is a key factor on mobile devices. It is arguably more important on smartphones than on tablets, as the former tend to get more hourly usage. Every time a background application runs, it drains some of the power, so it was essential to overcome this problem, all without compromising security.

Windows 8 has succeeded in doing that, and it is now just as good an OS as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS. In fact, it is difficult to come down strongly in favor of any one of these systems over the other two.

It is true that Windows 8 has received a lot of negative publicity, but it is really unjustified. People are generally resistant to change, and the issue with Windows 8 was not about its performance and functionality, but about its totally new interface. People who made the effort to get to know the new interface know that Windows 8 is a superb product.

If you are thinking about buying a Windows tablet, you need have no worries about the capabilities of the OS. You can base your purchase decision on other factors, such as price, battery life, size, weight etc. If you are new to Windows 8, then you will have to learn how to use your new Windows tablet or smartphone, but the same thing applies to learning to use other OSs with which you are unfamiliar.

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