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A Review of the Apple iPad Min

A Review of the Apple iPad Mini by by John Stone

The Apple iPad Mini is a tablet offered by Apple. It is similar to the regular iPad (now known as the iPad Air), but have a small screen size and is more compact.

The good:

The size with the mini is just short of an inch wider than your standard competitor. You might not think that is much, but seriously, it can be. I absolutely love this facet of it. In addition, the Mini is definitely wonderfully light and easy to carry (I have big hands, though).

As much as people rip on the monitor, it is comfortably bright, and also the battery life seems to last very well, even if brightened up a lttle bit. No complaints there.

The undesirable:

That same screen, as some others have said, suffers from its low resolution. Had this tablet come out this past year, it would have been earth-shattering. Today, when other offerings from Android are developing far better resolutions, it's just meh (the Apple company Mini's contrast and color are nevertheless superior to the Nexus 7 certainly, though). If you are someone coming from an I-pad 2, you won't value the resolution so much. For everybody else who is used to I-phones with substantially smaller, still sharper resolutions, you will spot the difference.

Also, and this is usually a big one for me, I have discovered that the I-pad Mini can be slow to buffer YouTube movies. I'm pretty sure this is because of him it having half of the actual Ram of its larger pad close relatives. Cutting the Ram in half was a huge mistake. It also seems to result in lags in surfing on only some sites which can be more graphic intense. I wasn't sure if this problem was one of my very own, so I tried out some other Mini's in the store side-by-side along with I-pad 2's and Retinas. Same... slow Youtube buffering. Quite a lttle bit slower.

The Mini is a tradeoff really, but for the most part the mini is functional, aesthetic, and of course- it's an Apple. Apple is known for making the best products, and top quality and number one user interface and usability. Ultimately, it is up to you of course what tablet you decide to go with. I will say however that i have used Android tablets as well as the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, and the iPad Air and mini are my favorite. The iPad Air is for sure a better tablet, but the Mini seems like just the right size for me.

John Stone recommends the iPad Mini from Amazon.

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