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Apple iPad

The iPad runs on the iOS operating system developed by Apple Inc. The iOS is used only on Apple products and is not licensed for use by other manufacturers.

Apple markets a number of devices that use the iOS system - the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV. Many of the devices marketed by Apple have access to the largest App Store with over 1.2 million apps.

In the world of tablets, the iPad is probably the most popular of all the models on the market today. Apple makes two different models of this tablet from which a consumer can choose. These models are the iPad Mini and iPad Air. The Mini has a 7.9" retina display, 2048 x 1536 resolution, and 326 pixels per inch. However, Air has a 9.7" retina display, 2048 x 1536 resolution, and 3.1 million pixels.

A major feature of the iOS system is the concept of direct manipulation. It allows users to operate devices using multi-touch gestures. This is incorporated with a bunch of other features including buttons, sliders and switches. One is able to swipe, tap, and pinch in order to perform specific tasks with the operating system.

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, Apple has seen tremendous success with their ecosystem with more than 60 billion downloads from its App store alone. They continue to dominate the mobile device category with millions of phone sales and their iPad tablet is still recognized as the best on the market by many experts.

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing

  • Determine which screen size is most beneficial for your needs before purchasing either the Mini or the Air. If you are just playing games, the smaller Mini may be just right. However, if you have to work on your tablet on a daily basis, you may want the larger Air for the bigger screen.
  • You can enjoy a number of features such as swiping to unlock, accessing the Control Center through any screen, and the Notification Center is accessible from the lock screen now. In addition, you can switch apps easily with multitasking, use the Spotlight search that is available from the home screen, listen to iTunes Radio, and perform iCloud photo sharing.
  • FaceTime calls are possible in audio only or with video added. It is as simple as choosing the person on your contact list and clicking on the right FaceTime icon for the type of call you wish to make.


Either model of the iPad is well worth the money. It holds up well over time giving many hours of productive and fun to the user.

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